Nature Zone Salad Dressing for Tortoises 12oz

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Nature Zone STD Tortoise Salad Dressing is a delicious, easy-to-offer reptile supplement which boosts nutrition, appetite and natural skin coloration. Nature Zone STD Tortoise Salad Dressing offers a convenient way to enhance the nutrition of mixed greens, vegetables and prepared dry foods or pellets. Appetite stimulating strawberry flavor and smell encourage greater acceptance of food offerings. Use Nature Zone STD Tortoise Salad Dressing on top of your tortoise’s daily food ration to provide calcium and Vitamin D3 for healthy bones PLUS carotenoids, lycopene, and lutein to promote and maintain natural vivid coloration.

  • Ready To Use - Pour On Your Herp&Rsquo;S Salad, Or Hydrate Dry Foods &Amp; Pellets
  • Fortified With Vitamin D3 &Amp; Calcium To Help Guard Against Mtb Metabolic
  • A Natural Skin Nutrient To Promote Vivid Colors!

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