Zoo Med Banquet Tortoise Block Large

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Small Animal: Food-Packaged Great source of calcium, cactus and veggies. Helps to prevent overgrowth of your tortoises beak. Provides enrichment as your tortoises chew the block to get the food inside.Food and Calcium Supplement Treat for Tortoises and Box turtles. A Unique blend of Opuntia cactus, and other vegetables inside a calcium base. Provides dietary calcium, food, and helps maintain your tortoise's beak. Great as a supplemental vacation feeder.

  • Great source of calcium, contains spineless cactus, and other vegetables
  • Provides enrichment as your tortoises chew to the food inside
  • Helps prevent overgrown beaks
  • Place block on the floor of the habitat and allow tortoises to bite and scrape the calcium block

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