10 Supplies Every New Dog Owner Should Get

10 Supplies Every New Dog Owner Should Get, Don’t Miss #3

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Bringing a new dog to your home or adopting a puppy is a joyous occasion filled with excitement, thrill, fun, and anticipation. As a new pet parent or a dog owner, it's crucial to ensure you have all the necessary dog supplies to ensure that your furry friend feels comfortable, safe, and happy in their new environment. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what you truly need. This guide will help you navigate through the world of dog supply and highlight the best dog supplies online.

1. High-Quality Dog Food

Dog food plays a vital role in the growth and development of your dog. Therefore, choosing the right dog food for your furry companion is critical for their overall health and well-being. However, before stocking any dog food, remember to consult with your veterinarian to understand your dog’s daily diet requirements and other essential supplements required for their overall health. Then, determine the best dog diet according to your dog’s breed, age, and health condition. With healthy food supplies for dog, you can always ensure the optimal health of your newly adopted pup. 

Our Top Picks in Dog Food:

  • AvoDerm Natural Original Dog Food

Known for its high-quality ingredients, this brand offers formulations tailored to different life stages, sizes, and breeds.

  • Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dry Dog Food 

This dry food is made for dogs ages one year and older. It provides essential antioxidants for healthy immunity and natural fiber for healthy digestion. Made with whole ingredients, it is the best option.

2. Comfortable Dog Bed

A cozy and comfortable bed makes a dog’s day. Similar to humans, dogs do require a place to rest and nap. A comfortable dog bed makes your dog feel at home with a dedicated space to relax and sleep. There are numerous beds available with removable, washable covers for easy maintenance. Also, different sizes match your dog’s size. 

Our Top Picks in Dog Beds:

  • K&H Pet Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated for air circulation and comfort, this cot is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Made of quality material, this dog bed is quite sturdy and durable, giving your dog the best rest it needs after a day’s out. 

  • FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

This brand of dog bed is available in various sizes and styles. It offers orthopedic support and comfort. It is especially suitable for old, senior dogs, offering more comfort to their joints and bones. 

3. Dog Collar and ID Tags

With a new dog comes the responsibility to keep them safe and secure. And when it comes to safety and security, there is no match other than a dog collar and ID tag. Sturdy collars and ID tags are essential for every new dog owner. Therefore, every pet parent must have this for their furry pal. The collar should fit comfortably around your dog's neck, allowing for two fingers to slip underneath. Even if it is a prong dog collar, ensure they are comfortable. Along with a collar, include an ID tag. Your dog’s ID tag should have your dog's name, your phone number, and any medical conditions your dog might have. This ensures that if your dog gets lost or is kidnapped, they can be easily found and returned to you.

Our Top Picks in Collars:

  • Coastal Circle T Oak Tanned Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar

This collar is customizable and can be adjusted according to your dog’s size. It also features a sturdy metal buckle and D-ring, making it easy to attach an ID tag. This ID tag includes your dog’s name and phone number embroidered and attached directly to the collar.

  • Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Dog Prong Training Collar

This high-quality training collar is designed and crafted to provide precise and gentle control over your dog during a walk or training session. The prong collar features rounded prongs that create a firm yet non-painful grip on your dog's neck.

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4. Leash and Harness

A leash and harness set is indispensable for your dog’s daily walks and training sessions. While collars are perfect for holding ID tags, collars, harnesses, and leashes are usually more comfortable and provide better control, especially for aggressive dogs that pull more often. You can check on the best dog harness for your dog’s training session.

Our Top Picks in Leashes and Harnesses:

  • EasySport Comfortable Dog Harness

A known brand in harnesses, this EasySport comfortable dog harness is known for its comfort and durability. It is padded throughout to help keep your dog comfortable all day long.

  • Coastal Single-Ply Nylon Dog Leash 

This leash is both fashionable and functional, with craftsmanship to provide a secure and comfortable grip during your daily dog walks. Made from single-ply nylon, it offers durability and reliability, making it suitable for everyday use.

5. Food and Water Bowls

Feeding bowls are yet another addition that is crucial for your dog’s daily requirements in order to feed them. Sturdy food and water bowls are essential to provide them with food and water on a daily basis. Food and water bowls come in different varieties and are made of various materials. Generally, stainless steel or ceramic bowls are recommended as they are easy to clean and do not generate bacteria like plastic bowls can.

Our Top Picks in Dog Bowls and Dishes:

  • Loving Pets Diamond Plate Bowls with Non-Skid Bottom Dog Dish Bowl 

These bowls are durable, non-slip, and safe for pets. They are heavy-weighted and have an entire rubber bottom to prevent sliding and skidding, resulting in reduced noise and spills.

  • OurPet's Tilt-a-Bowl

It is an innovative bowl designed to enhance your pet's mealtime comfort. With its unique patented tilt design, this bowl tilts at an ergonomic angle, reducing strain on your dog's neck and promoting healthy eating habits.

6. Grooming Supplies

Maintaining hygiene is quite crucial for your dog’s overall health. And, with regular grooming, you can keep not only your dog’s health but also their appearance. Essential basic dog grooming supplies that you need to stock for your newly adopted baby dog include a comb, brush, nail clippers, and dog-friendly shampoo.

Our Top Picks for Grooming:

  • Four Paws Magic Coat Curry Brush for Dogs 

Four Paws Magic Coat Rubber Curry Brush is specially made for dogs with short and curly or wiry fur. Made with flexible silicone, this brush for dogs is easy to hold and gentle on your dog's skin. Using this brush, it is easy to remove loose fur and prevent mats. 

  • Espree Bright White Shampoo with Aloe for Dogs

Free from harsh chemicals, Espree Bright White Shampoo with Aloe is gentle and effective for dogs. Moreover, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is uniquely formulated to brighten and whiten the fur, leaving it clean, vibrant, and lustrous. 

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7. Dog Crate

Dogs always look for safe and secure places, even if they are in your house, and a dog crate meets this requirement. A dog crate serves as a secure space for your furry friend to rest and can be an invaluable thing for house training. It’s crucial to select a crate that’s appropriately sized according to your dog’s size. It should be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably, but not so large that it encourages them to eliminate in one corner and sleep in another.

Our Top Picks for Dog Crate:

  • MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

This crate has a divider panel, making it adjustable for a growing puppy. It makes your puppy feel comfortable and safe, giving it a cozy feeling. 

  • Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Durable and airline-approved, this crate is perfect for both home use and travel. It is well-ventilated for free air circulation for your furry pal during travel times. Moreover, it is made from durable material, which lasts longer.

8. Training Treats

Training sessions are only complete with training treats. Delicious and chewy training treats are essential for rewarding good behavior and reinforcing commands. When your dog catches up with the command and follows it, rewarding them with a treat will reinforce positivity. Also, when it comes to choosing this training treat, choose healthy, low-calorie treats that your furry friend finds irresistible.

Our Top Picks for Training Treats:

  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Treats 

These small, low-calorie treats are perfect for training sessions. Moreover, they come in many flavors, such as salmon, rabbit, duck, pork, beef, and chicken. Crafted with earth ingredients, these mini treats are on-the-go rewards for your furry pal’s perfect session. 

  • Cadet Gourmet Duck Jerky for Dogs Treats

With no artificial colors and flavors added, these cadet gourmet dog jerky treats are the best option for training sessions. Made of natural, premium-quality duck meat and free from artificial preservatives, they are also a nutritious option.

9. Dog Toys

Toys are an inevitable part of every dog's parenting. Therefore, it is crucial to have a range of exciting dog toys for your furry pal to play with. Toys provide both physical and mental stimulation, keeping them healthy. Dogs have chewing instincts, and providing them with chewy toys helps satiate their chewing and helps them from chewing away any furniture, rugs, shoes, or clothes. Also, ensure that they do not play with any sticks or small balls like golf or squash balls that may create choking hazards. 

Our Top Picks for Toys:

  • KONG Squeezz Action Ball Dog Toy

The new KONG Squeezz Action Dog ball toy features dynamic rubber and fun shapes that make fetch games way more exciting and interactive. With each squeeze delighting dog, the added squeakers make the KONG ball the perfect play option for your dog, making them excited.

  • Ethical Bam-Bone Plus Branch Beef Dog Toy 

The Bam-Bone Plus Branch beef toy is the newest and is a durable, long-lasting chew toy. Made with nylon and bamboo fibers, this branch bam bone gives your dog a good chew and keeps it engaged for a more extended period. This chew dog toy is perfect for aggressive chewers to satiate their chewing habits.

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10. Pooper Scooper and Poo Bags

Just adopting or bringing a new dog home is not just enough. Being a responsible pet parent and taking care of your furry friends, from providing them food to cleaning up their waste, is essential. A sturdy pooper scooper and a supply of poo/waste bags are necessary for maintaining the hygiene of your pet and keeping the surroundings clean while ensuring proper waste disposal.

Our Top Picks for Waste Disposal:

  • Bags on Board Waste Pick-up Bags 

Bags on Board are easy-to-use dog poo bags. Cleaning up with these Bags on Board bags is just a pleasant experience as they are durable, roomy, and ergonomically sound for easy waste disposal.  

  • Bags on Board Bone Waste Pick-up Bag Dispenser with Dookie Dock

Dookie Dock is a hands-free poop bag holder with a metal carabiner for attaching a leash. Bags on Board waste pick-up dispenser with Dookie Dock makes it easier to collect the poop without messing the hands. These double-sealed bags are more substantial and leak-proof. 

Your Takeaway

When adopting a new puppy or dog, investing in the correct dog supplies is essential for ensuring your fur baby’s health, safety, and happiness. By choosing top-quality dog items, you can provide your new furry friend with the utmost care possible. Always remember, the best dog supplies online are just a few clicks away, and KwikPets can be your one-stop solution for all your pet supplies, making it easy and convenient to get everything you need at your doorstep. As you prepare for your new dog's arrival, arrange these pet essential supplies beforehand to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for your four-legged family member.

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