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Working Out With Your Dog: Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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If you have a furry friend and your new year resolution was to be more fit this year but are slacking on it? Your dog might be the perfect guide to push you forward. There are 8 ways you can get creative and work out with your dog.

Going for runs and walks: A common activity that you might be doing with your dog on a daily basis is walking or running regularly. If you are someone who does not walk their dog daily, you need to do so. Go for a run or walk for a particular set of kilometers. This can be calculated by considering what result you are expecting and then decide the duration of your runs accordingly. 

Yoga: When you have a dog you might assume that the workouts that you can do will require a lot of energy. However, you will be surprised to know that there is a thing such as doggy yoga which can also be calming and healthy at the same time. This doggy yoga is called Doga, there are various youtube videos available for the same.

Cardio circuits: Circuit exercises are known to be extremely effective exercises. Cardio on top of that can only make it better. You can make use of circuit ladders and cones to create a good circuit routine. You can involve the best dog food in the form of tasty treats to make sure that your dog can easily follow the circuit as well. This can motivate you to regularly do cardio circuits.

Dance workouts: While you might assume that workouts can mainly consist of weights or cardio training, dancing can be a really good way to work out and blow off some steam as well. It can be a good way to improve our physical and mental health. Dogs and pets in general enjoy certain kinds of music. You can play this music and have a quality bonding session with your dog.

Wall sit exercises and Lunges: Dogs can work as adorable pets that make you smile occasionally when you are exercising. When you are lunging you can train your dog to give you a handshake when you lunge. This can become a training session for your dog as well. You can also add a furry twist to your wall sit-ups. Here if you have a small dog that you can hold in your hand and use as weights or if you have a larger dog, you can opt for them putting their paws on your knees when you lower down.

Swimming: Another fun cardio activity/ hobby could be swimming. Various dogs genuinely enjoy swimming and if you as an owner also enjoy it? What can be better? Swimming can also be a really good way to make sure that you stay healthy for a long period. 

Include dog toys: Including Cheap dog toys can be a really good idea to make sure that your dog and you have fun while making sure that your health is maintained. You could include toys like a frisbee to make the entire process much more fun. There are other exercises such as Russian twists with treats or even burpees that you could do while playing around in the park. Make sure to carry enough treats.

These are a few creative ways you can include your dog in your daily workouts. This could also act as a motivating factor especially when you find yourself delaying workout sessions!

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