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Your Cat Needs You To Know These Grooming Tips

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Whether you have a cat or not, you might know this about cats, they like being clean. While they do a pretty good job on their own, they also are required to be groomed, especially as pets. Grooming them rightly is important however you must keep one thing in mind. Not all cats like bring groomed, if they are fighting too much in the process, let them be. On the other hand, if your cat does like being groomed? You are at the right place for grooming tips!

When we talk about grooming the important thing to answer is when should you groom your pets? You should make it a habit to groom your cats from a young age. It has been observed that kittens tend to be much more accepting of grooming as compared to older pets. 

Apart from age, another point to take into consideration is what time to groom your cats. It is important to make sure that the time you take during the day should also be suitable for grooming. It is a good idea to groom your cat every month and choose a time when they are in a cozy calm mood. You can get the best cat grooming supplies for this online. 

Brushing: Brushing your cat is an important part of grooming your cat. This helps in making sure that their coats look smooth and tidy. This can also help in removing their dirt. You can use a metal comb to comb the dead hair and then follow a similar process with a rubber comb. You should be more careful when you are combing hair over sensitive areas such as the chest and belly. One or two brushes per week can be beneficial for your cat.

Bathing your cat: If you are someone who has had a cat or has a cat now, you might know that cats do not take water gracefully. Make sure to schedule the bath of your cat when they are in a calmer and more mellow state. You can place some cotton in their ears to prevent water from going in. Use pet shampoo to gently massage their fur and get rid of the dirt. Use a washcloth to clean the face of your cat gently. After bathing, you can wrap your cat in a towel. You can preheat the towel as well. Carefully untangle their hair as well.

Ear care: When grooming, it is important to make sure that you also take care of their ears along with their skin and fur. You should make sure you keep a check on earwax, debris, or infection that it might catch. If you notice any kind of inconsistencies such as redness or swelling there might be a problem. Your cat could also be scratching constantly if it is facing some sort of irritation. Make sure you clean your cat’s ears regularly and keep a check.

Cat claws: Healthy feet are important for cats to be able to scratch, walk and pounce like they are supposed to. While your cat might be out and about, its feet might get dirty. Gently wipe their claws with a washcloth or a damp cloth. If you notice your cat has some cuts or swelling, go to your vet. Make sure to keep a check if your cat is limping as well.

Nail care: Apart from paw care you must also take care of their nails. When you are cutting your cat’s nails, make sure that your cat is sitting comfortably and there are no distractions nearby. It can be a good idea to make sure that your cat is comfortable with the sound of clipping nails. You can trim your cat’s nails in 10-20 days. 

These are some of the grooming tips you can keep in mind when you have a pet.! 

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