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Is Your Dog Just Bored & Lazy Or Is There More to it?

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When you are a pet parent and you have a furry child, you may notice them not being very active. There can be many underlying issues under it. There are a few signs you can observe to see if your dog has fallen into the trap of doggy boredom or are they just lazy.

Barking: Dogs can bark for a variety of reasons. Boredom can be one of the major reasons why they are barking a lot. If you notice that your dog is barking at everything even when there is no particular reason. You can notice any change in the frequency of their barking.

Mischievous: If you come home to a scattered pile of stuff and wonder why your dog is creating such a mess recently, it is possible that your dog might just be bored. They may be trying to have fun on their own by creating a mess.

Trying to escape: Whenever you notice your dog has started trying to escape, it might be trying to get rid of boredom. While this might just be a fun experiment for your dog, there can be catastrophic consequences of the same.

Behavior: They might also nag you and ask for your attention. They would also act restless when they are suffering from doggy boredom. They could also bark a lot at your guests and not behave like the good boy they are. 

Separation anxiety: These symptoms could also be linked to separation anxiety. When facing this, dogs do tend to behave in a clingy manner. You need to rule this out before you can conclude that your dog is suffering from doggy boredom.

How to get rid of doggy boredom

Physical exercise: Whenever your dog is experiencing doggy boredom, it can create a mess when you come home. However, if you make sure that your dog is tired when you leave them alone, it could avoid them making a mess. Indulge them in a good amount of exercise so they spend the rest of the time sleeping. You can consult a doctor to understand how much exercise is required by your dog. You can make use of the best dog toys to give them the extra push. 

Mental stimulation: Physical exercise may not be enough for your dog. It is important to make sure mental stimulation is provided. Before going to work you can ensure that you play a few interactive games with your dog. There are various types of puzzled animals as well. 

Training: Training can get a lot of applause from your dog for being good however, it provides both mental and physical stimulation at the same time. You can train them to not create a mess in your house when you are not home. You can also prevent them from entering certain areas of your house when you are away. Make use of Best dog training devices available online.

Socializing: Socialization can help your dogs to get rid of doggy boredom as well. They can also be mental stimulation from socializing. They can play with other dogs in the garden as well. Making new friends can be more fun for them. However, it is important to make sure that you do keep an eye on your dog and observe them closely. 

Getting other help: Another point to make sure of is that if you are someone who does not have enough time to give your dog and see your dog regularly falling in the doggy boredom trap, make sure that you get a dog walker or a pet sitter to avoid the situation.

These are the few things you can keep in mind when your dog falls into doggy boredom, more than anything just give them some more of your time to be active! 

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