F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide - Your Pet’s Perfect Wound Care Treatment

F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide - Your Pet’s Perfect Wound Care Treatment

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We love our pets more than anything else on this earth. Thus, ensuring the health and well-being of our beloved pets involves more than just providing food and shelter. Just like humans, pets can also suffer from wounds, injuries, and minor to major skin conditions or infections that require prompt and effective treatment. And, one of the best wound care products in the league is F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide. This revolutionary product is designed to provide comprehensive wound care for your furry companions, including feathery friends, reptiles, amphibians, and small animals. So, let’s delve deep into the features, benefits, and importance of F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide in taking care of your pet’s wound and total health and happiness.

Features of F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide

Advanced Wound Care Solution

F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide stands out as an advanced solution from the brand F10 for treating pet wounds. It combines the potent antiseptic properties of F10 with the insecticidal action, providing a dual-action formula for comprehensive wound management further restricting the spread of infection. This unique combination not only treats and prevents wound infections but also repels insects, controlling infestations caused due to these insects. Thus, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for the wound to heal faster.

Effective Antiseptic Action

The antiseptic properties of F10 are proven and tested by the veterinary community for their effectiveness in treating a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. When sprayed onto wounds, F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray effectively kills harmful microorganisms, preventing infection and promoting faster healing. This makes it an invaluable tool in the first aid kit of every pet owner, especially for treating and managing minor cuts, abrasions, and surgical wounds as well as preventing reinfections.

Insect Repellent

In addition to its antiseptic properties, F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide offers the added benefit of insect-repellent properties. Insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are not only annoying but can also pose a risk of transmitting diseases and causing further irritation to wounds. By adding insecticidal agents into its formula, this spray effectively repels insects, minimising the chances of infestation and ensuring uninterrupted healing.

Convenience and Ease of Use

One of the major advantages of F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide is its convenience and ease of use. The design of this spray bottle helps for the precise application directly onto the infected area. It reduces the wastage and ensures thorough coverage. In-built with a quick-drying formula forms a protective barrier over the wound, allowing your pet to move freely without discomfort. Whether at home or on the go, this portable wound care solution provides instant relief and peace of mind for pet owners.

Safe and Gentle

The complete range of F10 products is completely safe having the least to no side effects. As they are clinically proven and veterinarian-recommended, F10 products are completely safe and gentle on your four-legged companions. F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide formulation is made considering the well-being in mind. It is gentle on the skin, non-toxic if licked or ingested in small quantities, and does not cause adverse reactions when used as directed. Hence, this makes it suitable for use on a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and small animals, ensuring that every member of your furry family receives the care they deserve.

Let’s find out more about F10 antiseptic spray and its ingredients and how to use it on your pet animals. 

Benefits of F10 Antiseptic Spray with Insecticide

  • Helps prevent infection and reinfection

  • Loaded with the properties of insect repellent

  • Highly effective wound care treatment

  • Provides versatile use and is effective on a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses

  • Repels flies, mosquitoes, and other insects

  • Treats wounds and cuts in animals, promoting rapid healing

  • Provides relief from itching and discomfort

  • Helps in faster wound healing

  • No side effects as vet-approved

  • Effective and proven for both humans and animals

  • Efficient antiseptic pain relief spray

  • Provides versatile use 

  • Easy to use without any hassles

Major ingredients in F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide

  • Benzalkonium Chloride: 0.405g/100ml 

  • Polyhexanide: 0.03g/100ml 

  • Cypermethrin: 0.25g/100g

Major ingredients in F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray without Insecticide

  • Benzalkonium Chloride: 0.405g/100ml 

  • Polyhexanide: 0.03g/100ml 

How to Use

  • It is better to use as directed and if unsure of application consult a veterinarian.

  • Before application, wear gloves to avoid direct contact with skin.

  • Remove all organic material and clean the wound using an approved irrigating solution.

  • Holding the bottle trigger at a distance of approximately 10 cm from the affected area on the animal applies 1 to 2 spray actions onto an affected area.

  • DO NOT exceed 2 trigger spray actions/kg body weight or a maximum of 5 treatment areas per animal with multiple wounds within a 24-hour period. 

  • Leave to dry. Repeat as necessary at 4-5 day intervals or as recommended by a veterinarian.

  • As the wound spray is water soluble, it is crucial to re-apply the spray if the animal has been exposed to rain or water.

  • Also, apply the spray in the same manner to treat and prevent fly strike and tick bites.

Safety and Precautions

  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed people, and pets.

  • Avoid contact with domestic cats

  • Flammable, keep away from naked flames when spraying.

  • Extremely dangerous to fish or aquatic life.  Do not spray in areas containing aquaria, fish tanks, and bowls.  Do not contaminate aquaria, fish bowls, ponds, or waterways with this product. 

  • Rinse eyes with water. Seek medical advice if necessary.

  • Do not mix the spray with soap and other chemicals.

  • Avoid breathing the spray mist.

  • Store in the original container in a cool well-ventilated area. Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

  • Store it in a cool and dry place.

  • Dispose of the remaining or unused product in the household refuse.


F10 Antiseptic Wound Spray with Insecticide is a must-have for pet owners looking to provide optimal wound care for their beloved companions. With its potent antiseptic action, insect-repellent benefits, convenience of use property, and safety profile, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing wounds in pets. Whether treating minor cuts and scrapes or aiding in post-surgical recovery, this innovative product delivers reliable results, helping to keep your pet healthy, happy, and free from irritation and discomfort.

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