Zoo Med Turtletherm 150watt

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Automatic preset aquatic turtle heater features 150 watts for heating up to 50 gallons of water. Preset: Simply attach to the inside wall of your turtles enclosure and plug in. The TURTLETHERM will warm the water to 78'F (26'C). SAFETY: The TURTLETHERM will automatically shut off if removed from water. APPLICATIONS: For use in aquatic turtle habitats with up to 50 gallons of water*. (*For use in 50 gallons of water. Heater must be fully submerged.) Mount on side or back of aquatic turtle habitat using enclosed suction cups. Fully submerge heater in water before plugging heater inelectrical outlet. Safety shut-off activates if removed from water. Allow 1-3 hours for water to reach the target temperature. Place heater near the filter outlet to improve circulation of warm water.

  • Preset thermostat controlled heater keeps up to 50 gallons of water at 78 degrees

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