Volkman Seed Company Featherglow Large Parrot Treat 4 lb

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Featherglow Avian Diets Are Among The World's Finest Nutritional Formulas Blended Expressly For Pet Birds. In Each Mix, Every Ingredient Is Cleaned And Then Combined With High-protein Pellets In Exact Proportions To Provide Uncommon Variety In Nutrients And Exceptional Eating Enjoyment For Your Birds. Volkman Seed Factory Adheres To A Philosophy That Avian Health, Happiness And Longevity Are Closely Related, And That For A Truly "Balanced" Diet, All Birds Require Exercise, Entertainment As Well As Nutrients. No Other Mix Offers Such A Selection Of Textures, Tastes, Colors And Downright Fun.

Key Benefits
  • Premium Blend.
  • Clean.
  • Dust Free.
  • Safflower Seed Base.

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