Veterinarian's Best Bitter Cherry Spray 7.5oz

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Gentle on skin, but bitter to the taste, our non-stinging, alcohol-free deterrent with Lemon and Grape Seed extracts discourages chewing and licking at skin, stitches or bandages. It's clear and non-staining, and it smells great, even though it tastes icky.
  • Vet's Best Bitter Cherry Spray is a no chew dog deterrent that discourages chewing on household items.
  • Its non-stinging, alcohol-free formula is safe to spray directly onto your dog's skin to discourage licking at their itchy skin, stiches, or bandages.
  • Uses natural key ingredients of lemon extract and grapeseed extract to deter chewing, with a natural cherry flavor so it smells great.
  • Can be reapplied to dog's skin as needed.

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