Valhoma Chicken Harness - Red Small

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Have a pet chicken you'd like to take for a walk? now you can! this chicken harness won the 2015 global pet expo most outrageous new pet products award. Not everyone has a farm to let their chickens roam on, nor isfortable with free ranging their birds. This harness will finally allow you to safely walk your beloved pet and give them a chance to explore. What a conversation starter! leash sold separately. Sizes: xs - select: bantam/juvenile, these are for your bantams and juvenile birds; 2 - 3 pounds s - select: standard hen, these will fir birds 3. 5 to 5. 5 pounds. Examples: ameraucana, andalusian, campine, dominique, hamberg, leghorn, old english game hen, phoenix, polish, sultan m - select: rooster/extra large hen, for birds 5. 5 and above. Examples: australorp, barnevelder, buckeye, chantecler, delaware, faverolles, marans, naked neck, new hampshire, plymouth rock, rhode island red, sussex, welsummer, brahma, cochin, cornish, jersey giant, orpington, wyandotte l- (not offered at this time, as our turkeys don't appreciate the harnesses) birds that are not typical of the breed such as those either under or over weight must be assessed individually

Key Benefits

  • Durable comfortable harness made of breathable mesh
  • Adjustable harness to guide your feathered friend
  • Easy to hand wash then air dry
  • Attach chicken to leash sold separately
  • Coordinate with available matching 4 or 6 Chicken Nylon Leash

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