Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Media reactor

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The Phosban Reactor 150 Is Designed With The Upflow Principle To Achieve The Most Efficient Use Of Phosban Or Other Chemical Filter Media. By Pushing Water From The Bottom Upward Through A Dispersion Plate, It Forces An Even Distribution Of Water Through The Media, And Prevents Channeling. It Can Be Mounted Hanging On The Back Of The Aquarium Or Below The Aquarium. Includes Ball Valve For Regulating Flow, And Flexible Connection Fittings That Rotate 180 Degrees To Allow A Perfect Custom Fit To Your Installation. The Threaded Lid Design Makes Servicing Quick And Easy. One Reactor For Aquariums Up To 150 Gallons For Phosban And Activated Carbon, Or Up To 100 Gallons For Use With Biopellets.

Key Benefits

  • Capacity: Use With Up To A Maximum Of 200 Grams (385 Ml) Of Phosban, Or A Media Height Of 5 Inches (13 Cm)
  • Aquarium Size: One Reactor For Up To 150 Gallons (568 Liters). Multiple Reactors May Be Used For Larger Aquariums.
  • Recommended Flow Rate: Ca. 20 - 30 Gal/hr (75 - 115 L/hr) . Too Much Flow Can Grind Phosban
  • Connection For Hoses 1/2 Inch (12.7 Mm) I.d. The Inlet And Outlet Flexible 90° Fittings Rotate To Suit Your Installation

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