Two Little Fishies Justin Credabel's Goniopower Coral Food 1oz

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Goniopower Is A Blend Of Dried Zooplankton Developed By Justin Credabel For Feeding Goniopora, Alveopora, And Other Corals. Its Components Are In A Size Range That Makes It An Ideal Food For Marine Invertebrates Such As Soft And Stony Corals, Seafans, Anemones, Zoanthids, Clams, Scallops, Featherduster Worms, And Other Filter Feeders.. Rich In Vitamins, Trace Elements, Amino Acids, And Lipids. Net Wt. 30g (1 Oz).

Key Benefits

  • Two Little Fishies Goniopower Advanced Zooplankton Diet.
  • Goniopower Is A New Blend Of Dried Zooplankton Developed By Justin Credabel.
  • Food For Goniopora, Alveopora, And Other Suspension Feeding Marine Invertebrates.

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