Skinneeez Forest Series Dog Toy Raccoon Gray Mini

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Skinneeez Stuffing Free Dog Toy Satisfies A Dogs Natural Hunting Instinct. With No Stuffing To Rip Out, They Offer Long Lasting Play. The Realistic Raccoon Design Provides A Flip Flopping Action Dogs Love.

Key Benefits

  • Stuffingless - What Makes This Toy Different From All The Other "Stuffed" Animals You Have? This Furry Animal Is Stuffingless. The Lack Of Stuffing In This Toy Makes It Stand Out As A Dog Toy That's Made To Last Without Stuffing The Dog Will Be Less Inclined To Destroy The Toy And Chew Through The Inside. Think No Mess No Stuffing Everywhere We Know Your Dog Will Have An Absolute Blast With This Furry Tugging Toy.
  • Realistic Design - Dogs Love And Get Excited By The Idea Of Hunting And Catching Their Prey These Skinneeez Were Created Strategically With A Realistic Animalistic Design And Feel To Provide Your Dog With That Extra Level Of Stimulation And Enjoyment.
  • As He Tugs On His Furry Friend He'll Be Filled With Fulfillment And Excitement That Will Keep Him Coming Back For More With This Soft And Fluffy Toy, Your Puppy Will Be Busy Playing For Hours.

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