Salifert Flatworm eXIT 10ml

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Flatworms Can Be Toxic To Reef Life If They Are Allowed To Flourish In An Aquarium. Once Established, They Can Reproduce Quickly And Will Hide In Any Crack Or Crevice That They Can Find. In Order To Make Sure The Solution Can Work Effectively Use A Power Head Or Other Device To Flush Them Out Of The Hiding Places, After Which It Is Recommended To Siphon Out As Many As Possible. Flatworm Exit Is Harmless To All Reef Organisms, But Extreme Care Must Be Taken When Using This Product Because Of The Flatworm's Toxic Body Juice. If The Toxic Body Juice Is Left Unchecked In The Aquarium The Possible Loss Of Aquatic Inhabitants Is Likely. To Prevent This From Happening Siphon Out As Many Flatworms As Possible Before Treating The Tank.

Key Benefits

  • The Flatworm Exit Is Effective In Removing Flatworms
  • The Flatworm Exit Will Start To Work In Thirty Minutes
  • Add The Flatworm Exit To The High Flow Area Of The Tank For Maximum Results

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