Safe Cat Adjustable Snag-proof Nylon Breakaway Collar Blue Lagoon 3/8 In X 8-12 In

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Keep Your Cat Safe With Our Safe Cat Adjustable Nylon Breakaway Collar, Designed To Release If A Cat's Collar Gets Caught. This Collar Is Adjustable From 8in To 12in. Do Not Use With Leash Or Tie-out.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable Breakaway Collar Is Designed For The Finicky Feline.
  • Made Of No-snag Nylon Material.
  • The Buckle On This Collar Is Equipped To Release When The Cat's Collar Gets Caught.
  • It Is Completely Adjustable From 8-inch To 12-inch; Sure To Satisfy The Needs Of Any Curious Kitty.
  • Available In Blue Lagoon Color.

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