Red Sea Reef Energy Plus AB+ Coral Nutritional Supplement 33.8 fl oz

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Red Sea's Reef Energy Plus, our enhanced, all-in-one superfood for corals delivers crazy polyp extension, puffed-up corals, better growth, higher resilience, and brighter colors! All with minimal over skimming effect and greater ease of use with automatic dosers.
  • No residual waste Every single component of Reef Energy Plus is consumed and utilized by the corals for their metabolic processes (e.g., protein production and soft tissue regeneration), leaving no unnecessary polluting organic material in the aquarium.
  • This immediate, direct consumption provides the highest energetic efficiency to the corals.
  • Highest energetic efficiency Consists of an organic complex of dissolved and suspended simple building blocks of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins, Reef Energy Plus can be absorbed and consumed directly by the corals.
  • Minimal over skimming The new formulation minimizes over skimming after feeding.

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