Red Sea Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kits 50 Nitrate 50 Nitrite

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Monitor the essential parameters of NO3 and NO2 in your marine aquarium with the Nitrate/Nitrite Test Kit from Red Sea. This includes 60 colorimetric tests of NO2 with an accuracy of 0.05 ppm, and 100 colorimetric tests of NO3 with an accuracy of 2 ppm.
  • Marine care program nitrate/nitrite combi-test kit
  • Provides 50 nitrate plus 50 nitrite advanced colorimetric tests for marine aquariums
  • Its accuracy of 0.05 ppm or 2 ppm
  • Performs 50/50 tests
  • It range is 0-1 ppm or 0-250 ppm

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