Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Color & Carotenoids 2.8oz

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Why Herppro Color + Carotenoids For Bearded Dragons? A Nutritional Supplement Of A Mixture Of Complex Carotenoids & Anti-oxidants Which Assure Stability And Maximum Absorbency Designed Specifically For Bearded Dragons Is A High Strength Source Of Several Carotenoids, Which Has Been Formulated To Provide The Natural Precursors Required By Skin Pigment Cells To Generate Their Natural Color. It Will Develop Deep Saturated Colors Which Are Present In The Individual's Natural Genetic Makeup And Revive Faded Colors In All Bearded Dragons Is Based On Proven Technology Which Has Been Used For Decades In Avian And Aqua Culture.

Key Benefits

  • Natural Precursor Pigment Nutrients, No Artificial Colors Or Dyes.
  • Helps Promote Vivid Natural Colors Revive Faded Natural Colors May Be Sprinkled On The Animal's Food, Whether It Be Live Crickets, Fresh Vegetables Or A Prepared Food Item.
  • Will Add To The Nutritional Value Of Any Food Item And To The Health Of The Animal Being Fed.

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