N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Chicken Flavor 6 Pack

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N-bone Chicken Flavor Puppy Teething Ring Chewing Is A Natural Behavior For Dogs, So Proper Care Of The Teeth And Gums Should Start At A Very Early Age. The Teething Period Begins Once The Adult Teeth Start To Come In, Which Causes Pain And Soreness In The Teeth And Gums. Chewing Helps Elevate The Pain And Soreness But Hard Chew Treats Can Damage Or Break Immature Teeth. Any Damage Or Breakage To Immature Teeth Can Expose The Nerve, So The Proper Chew Treat Is Critical To The Development Of Teeth And Gums.

Key Benefits

  • Wheat-free And Corn-free.
  • Helps Relieve Pain And Soreness.
  • Edible And Digestible.
  • Added Calcium For Healthy Teeth And Bones.
  • No Plastic, Nylon, Or Rubber.

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