KrudZapper Topical Ointment Spray for Animals 16 oz

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Krudzapper Is A Topical Spray That Is Formulated For All Animals And Is Safe And Effective. Formulated Using Animal Fat As Its Base, Containing Proprietary Blend Of Disinfectants And Oils. Extremely Effective On Ringworm, Rain Roat, Scratches, Summer Sores, Lacerations, Wounds, Fungus, And More! Product Details: 16 Oz Effective Against Insects, Germs And Water Promotes Hair Growth Fast Acting Safe On All Types Of Animals Sooths Away Itch Of Flea/allergic Dermatitis Helps Reduce Pain And Inflammation Disinfects Viral, Fungal, Bacterial And Parasitic Infections Made In The Usa.

Key Benefits

  • Safe And Effective One-step Wound And Skin Care For All Animals.
  • For Open Wounds, Scratches, Rain Rot, Mange, Ringworm, Warts, Infected Wounds, Proud Flesh, Fungus And More.
  • Effective Against Insects, Germs And Water.
  • Helps With Summer Sores, Tick Sores, Lacerations And Hot Spots.
  • No Need To Wash, Clean Or Prepare The Site, Can Be Used Over Dirt.

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