Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nels Value Pack Tubes

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CritterTrail fun-nels value packs are the perfect way to start expanding your CritterTrail home. The Bubble Wave tube design features a comfort grip that is safe for your pet's paws. Connector Rings snap on easily to ensure a safe and secure passageway. Easy to clean, tubes pull apart and snap back together for trouble-free cleaning. If you can imagine it, you can build it with CritterTrail fun-nels. The tubes are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes so you can create a huge playground for your pet.
  • Allows for expansion of Critter trail habitats
  • Includes variety of fun-nel connector tubes and connector rings
  • For hamsters, mice, gerbils or other small animals
  • 9-3/4-Inch long, 16-inch wide, 2-inch high
  • Each kit contains everything you need to expand your critter trail home

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