JW Comfy Perch Multi-Color Small 32in

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Jw Pet's Comfy Perch Is A Versatile Rope Perch That Provides Entertainment And Exercise For Pet Birds Of All Sizes. These Flexible Bird Perches For Parrots Are Easy To Bend And Twist Into A Variety Of Creative Shapes, Allowing Pet Parents To Keep Birds Stimulated With Different Perch Styles. Modifying The Bird Cage With Perch Variations Promotes Exercise And Improves Birds' Grip Strength As They Climb A Variety Of Perch Shapes. The Bright Colors Attracts Birds To The Perch And The Soft, Curved Rope Provides Gentle Support For Birds' Feet For Long-term Joint Health. Plastic, Easy-twist Attachments Ensure Convenient Placement In Bird Cages And Allow Pet Parents To Install The Rope Horizontally Or Vertically.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable Bird Perch: This Rope Bird Perch Bends Into A Variety Of Shapes To Stimulate Birds With Different Perching Surfaces. Rounded Support For Bird's Feet Promotes Joint Health & Comfort.
  • Large Perch For Birds: Provides A Comfortable Grip For Larger Birds Like Macaws. Includes Screw-off Attachments To Attach The Bird Perch To Different Sides Of The Bird Cage. Measures 36" L.
  • Pet Toys: Get Ready For Bonding & Fun With Your Dogs & Cats! Check Out A Variety Of Our Pet Toy Products Such As Frisbees, Perches & Mirrors For Birds, Prey Wand Toys For Cats, Plush Toys, Light-up Interactive Toys & More.

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