Goodwinol Shampoo for Cats & Dogs, 8 oz.

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Goodwinol Shampoo All-purpose, Medicated Cleansing Shampoo Gentle Enough For Kittens And Puppies. Helps Relieve Itching, Flaking, Scratching. Leaves Coats Lustrous And Imparts A Natural Shine Without The Use Of Conditioners. Contains Cedar Oil, A Naturally Occurring Insecticide Used To Combat Fleas, Mites, Mosquitos And Other Dermatologic Pests.

Key Benefits

  • Helps Relieve Itching, Flaking And Scratching.
  • Leaves Coat Lustrous.
  • Gives The Coat A Natural Shine.
  • Natural Insecticide.
  • Gentle Enough For Kittens And Puppies.

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