Everlasting Interactive Treats Made In USA

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These Treats Fits Starmark Treat Dispensers. They Are Wheat, Corn And Soy Free. They Also Aid In Digestion. Natural Flavor Dogs Love. Over 170 Healthy Treats That Are Only 2.8 Calories Per Treat.

Key Benefits

  • Starmark Interactive Treats Fit A Variety Of Treat Dispensing Toys, Including Starmark’s Full Line Of Puzzle Toys.
  • These Small Chewy Bites Are Wheat, Corn, Soy Free Only 2.8 Calories Each, A Healthy Snack For Your Dog.
  • Only 2.8 Calories Each.
  • Ingredients Like Ginger, Fennel, And Parsley Help Aid In Digestion And Freshen The Breath.

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