Ethical X Marks The Spot Puppy Training Pads 22X22 50ct

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Provide your dog with a comfortable space to urinate. Whether you're a dog owner, a pet sitter or a dog lover, it's important to keep your fluffy friends comfortable and clean. The X marks the spot pee pad with provide all that for your pet. We created the "X" marks the spot pee pad to provide your pup with the ideal peeing and training experience. Designed with pheromones to attract your dog to the center, we are sure your dog will learn quickly where he needs to be urinating leaving you without any mess or leaks. So get ready for a pleasant and easy training experience with your dog. Product details: Infused pheromones to attract dog to center Adhesive strips Highly absorbent Size: 22"x 22" Quantity: 30ct, 50ct, 100ct 100% Money back guarantee Whether you're training your dog or simply looking for best pee pad on the market, whether your dog is big or small, whether your dog is a chihuahua, bulldog, poodle, beagle, greyhound, maltese, boxer, maltipoo or any other breed, your dog can learn to pee properly and as an added benefit your house will remain clean and odor free too.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - X Marks the Spot dog training pads were designed with 5 layers of absorbency creating a leak free environment for you and you precious dog. These five layers include: 1. Quilted top 2. "X" indicator 3. Infused Pheromones 4. Micro-lock polymer fill and 5. Leak-proof liner. This pad can hold up to 4 cups of water
  • ELIMINATES ODOR - Designed to eliminate odor these pet pee pads have micro lock beads that absorb and hold the urine. As pet owners ourselves, a clean and fresh smelling home is important to us, and we value that it is important for you as well. Your SPOT pee pads will be odor free and your dog can pee comfortably in the comfort of his own home.
  • X MARKS THE SPOT - X Marks the Spot pads are great for all dogs and especially dogs who are in the process of training. There are concentrated pheromones that attract the dog to the center "X" spot. This ensures your dog will only pee on the center of the pad and avoid leaks and messes. Having a pet to love and care for requires a lot of hard work, and we at SPOT aim to minimize that.
  • ADHESIVE STRIPS - Strategically designed to make sure your dogs pee pad stays in place as he urinates. These pee pads have adhesive strips along the edges creating a non-slip pee pad. This prevents mess and your dog leaking all over your clean floors. The security and stability of the pad will keep your pet confident and feeling safe as he pees.
  • 100% WORRY FREE GUARANTEE: We worked hard to create the best pee pads on the market, which is why we're confident in offering a worry free guarantee for satisfaction

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