Cobalt Aquatics Electronic Neo-Therm Plastic LED Heater 300 watt

Sale price$139.99


The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-therm Fully Submersible Electronic Heaters Feature A Modern, Super Flat Design With An Easy To Set "One Touch" Control System. The Advanced Electronic Thermostat Is Accurate To 0.5° And Includes A Led That Displays Both The Set Temp And Tank Temp Simultaneously And Has A Set Temperature Range From 66° Up To 96°. For Ultimate Safety And Reliability, Integrated Thermal Protection Circuitry Shut The Heater Down Before It Can Overheat And Its Shatterproof Outer Casing Make The Neo-therms Virtually Indestructible.

Key Benefits

  • Super-flat Design. Fully Submersible, Modern Design For Energy Efficient Aquarium And Terrarium Heating. Includes Reversible Holster/bracket, Which Allows Heater To Face Inward Or Outward. See The Product Images To Determine The Best Neo-therm Size For Your Tank.
  • Accurate, One-touch System. Simply Set Temperature Between 66-96°f With One Touch And The Neo-therm Electronic Thermostat Will Maintain Tank Temperature Within +0.5°f. Led Displays Both Set Temp And Actual Temp, Simultaneously.
  • Ultimate Safety And Reliability. Integrated Thermal Protection Circuitry Prevents Heater From Overheating. If You Forget To Turn It Off, The Neo-therm Will Automatically Shut It Down.

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