Coastal Safari Pet Styptic Powder .5oz

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Don't Panic When You See Blood, Use Safari Pet Styptic Powder! Whether You Accidentally Trimmed A Nail Too Closely Or Find A Minor Cut On Your Dog, You Can Use This Powder To Quickly Stop Bleeding. Simply Apply The Powder To The Affected Area With A Clean Cotton Swab Or Gauze And Apply Moderate Pressure Until Bleeding Stops. The Powder Acts Quickly And Effectively. To Ensure Safety, Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Keep Container Tightly Sealed When Not In Use. Do Not Use On Open Wounds, Burns Or In Body Cavities.

Key Benefits

  • Stops Bleeding Quickly And Effectively.
  • Aids With Nail Trimming.
  • Cares For Minor Cuts.
  • Safe For External Use Only.