Cleantrax Horse Hoof Cleanser, 25gm

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Cleantrax Is A Deep Penetrating Hoof Cleanser Proven Effective In Eliminating Even The Toughest Infections, In Most Case With Just A Single Application Developed By A Leading U.s. Chemical Company, This Same Unique Material Is Being Used To Treat Deep-seated Fungal Infections Of The Fingernail And Toenail In Human Patients. It Is Also Used To Irrigate Surgeries And Open Wounds To Eliminate The Risk Of Secondary Infections. Cleantrax Contains A Proprietary Hypochlorous Compound Which Is Non-necrotizing And Has No Adverse Effects On Normal, Healthy Cells.

Key Benefits

  • Deep Penetrating Hoof Cleanser.
  • The Key To Cleantrax's Effectiveness Lies In A Unique Stabilizing Process, Making It Extremely Surface Active And Allowing It To Penetrate Quickly And Deeply To The Root Of The Infection.

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