Chuckit! Launcher Classic 26M Dog Toy

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The Chuckit! Classic Launcher 26m Revamps The Classic Game Of Fetch By Enhancing Your Throwing Speed And Distance With Less Effort. Dogs Are Challenged To Run Farther And Faster For Exercise In A Fraction Of The Time. Measuring Just Over Two Feet In Length, The Chuckit! Ball Launcher Is Portable Enough To Place In The Backseat Or The Trunk. With Fetching Fun On-the-go, Dogs Can Enjoy The Chuckit! Ball Thrower On Sandy Shores Or Grassy Fields.

Key Benefits

  • Elevate Fetch With Your Dog With The Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher, Increasing The Range And Speed Of Your Throw And Exercising Your Dog In A Fraction Of The Time.
  • Chuckit!'s Ball Launcher For Dogs Measures 26 Inches Long, Making It Easy To Place In The Trunk Or Backseat When You And Your Dog Are On The Move.
  • Launcher Firmly Grasps Dog Balls Covered In Mud And Slobber For Convenient Pick-up Without The Mess; Chuckit! Launchers And Balls Are Tough Dog Toys Designed For Outdoor Use.

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