Chuckit! Fetch Medley Balls Assortment Dog Toy Medium 3 Pack

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Chuckit!'s Fetch Medley Includes Three Unique Balls, Each Adding Its Own Spin To Fetch For Versatile And Engaging Play. For Dogs That Love To Chase, The Chuckit! Whistler Is Equipped With Four Holes That Emit A Whistling Sound As The Ball Soars Through The Air. The Chuckit! Rebounce Ball Is Made From Natural, Recycled Rubber That Creates High-bounce Play, Encouraging Pets To Leap And Jump. For Pets That Are Active At Night, Chuckit!'s Max Glow Ball Is Easy To Charge Under Bright Light For Illuminated Playtime After Dark.

Key Benefits

  • Made Of Natural Rubber.
  • Designed To Bounce High.
  • Non-toxic. Manufactured In Vietnam.


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