API Goldfish Premium Sinking Pellets Fish Food 7 oz

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Formulated With Superior Plant Protein Sources For Digestibility And Growth, A Carrot And Marigold Blend For Vibrant Coloration, And Wheat Sources To Provide Energy.the More Nutrients Your Fish Digests, The Less Waste And Ammonia Are Released, Leaving Cleaner, Clearer Water. Plus, These Pellets Contain A Rich Blend Of Carotenoids Including Spirulina And Carrot To Enhance Color And Wheat Germ For Energy. Feed Twice A Day, And Provide Only As Much As Your Fish Will Eat Within Three Minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Contains One (1) Api Goldfish Pellets Fish Food 7-ounce Container.
  • Made With Optimal Protein Sources And Fiber To Help Promote Healthy Digestion.
  • Formulated For Efficient Use Of Nutrients Resulting In Less Waste And Less Ammonia Production For Clean, Clear Water.
  • Yeast, Garlic And Vitamins C And E Help Support The Immune System.
  • Feed Up To Twice A Day The Amount Of Food That Your Fish Will Consume Within 3 Minutes.

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