API Carbonate Hardness Test Kit for Freshwater Aquarium

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Tests Tap Water & Fresh Or Saltwater Aquariums For Carbonate Hardness (KH). Helps Prevent Fish Stress Caused By Rapid PH Shifts, The Result Of Low Levels Of KH.

Key Benefits
  • Contains One (1) API Carbonate Hardness Test Kit Aquarium Water Test Kit, Including 1 Bottle Of Testing Solution, 1 Color Card And 1 Glass Test Tube With Cap.
  • Helps Monitor Water Quality And Prevent Invisible Water Problems That Can Be Harmful To Fish And Plants And Cause Fish Loss.
  • Accurately Measures Carbonate Hardness In Freshwater And Saltwater Aquariums.
  • KH (Carbonate Hardness) Stabilizes Aquarium PH.

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