Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier -25 mL Bottle

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Acurel F Is The Preferred Choice Of Professionals For Keeping Aquarium Water Crystal Clear. Fast-acting And Easy To Use, Acurel F Clears Cloudy, Green Or Polluted Water Within Hours Of Application. It Combats The Harmful Effects Of Overfeeding And Improves Filter Efficiency, Resulting In A Crystal Clear Environment For Your Fish. Safe And Effective, It Will Not Disturb The Beneficial Bacteria In Biological Filtration Systems Of Healthy Established Aquariums.

Key Benefits

  • Clears Cloudy And Polluted Water Within Hours. Greatly Improves Filter Efficiency.
  • Gives Aquarium Water That Just-polished Look. Combats The Harmful Effects Of Overfeeding.
  • Made in the USA with only renewable-sourced ingredients, and is totally safe for all freshwater fish, cichlids and plants.
  • Freshwater Fish And Plants.
  • Made With Organic Extracts From Renewable Natural Resources.

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