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Savory Prime is a leading brand in offering the best dog treats. Bringing in high-quality pet treats and chews, savory Prime uses the finest ingredients and follows strict quality standards. 100% natural and pet-approved, this pet treat brand brings in a huge collection of treats and chews. Savory Prime takes pride in offering quality and delicious treats. They are constantly innovating to bring in better quality, healthier, tasting, and varied treat and chew options for dogs. Raw hides, non-raw hides, Jerky, and Beggar Bones are major collections under the Savory Prime pet treats brand. 

Savory Prime’s American Beef hides are completely produced and certified following GFSI food quality standards. These beef hides come in various varieties, including traditional rawhide bones, sticks, or rolls, which come in various shapes and sizes to satisfy chewing needs. Savory Prime offers a wide range of jerky treats with 100% farm-raised breast meat, 100% Farm Raised Duck & Sweet Potato, Cod Skins made from Wild Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and Cod or duck jerky treats for dogs. All the products under the Savory Prime brand are made to USDA standards to ensure pets remain healthy and safe. 

At KwikPets, we bring in the complete range of dog health treats and chews from the house of Savory Prime. Our collection of treats includes rawhide bones, chews, rawhide rolls, chicken jerky, and chip-a-roos for every dog at the most competitive prices with the added advantage of FREE shipping. For the tiniest puppy to the most ferocious chewer, we store a variety of savory Prime treats that not only satiate their taste buds but also keep them healthy. 

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