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Etta Says, a leading brand in treats and chews is dedicated to delivering top-tier quality and irresistible flavors for dogs. Etta Says dog treats range comprises entirely of US-sourced meat, satisfying the taste buds of every canine. Featuring natural ingredients, Etta Says pet products offer a delightful selection, from inventive chews to distinctive single-source proteins, ensuring not only the enjoyment but also the well-being of your furry friends. 

From the prestigious Treat Planet Brands, Etta Says presents premium treats crafted with 100% all-natural ingredients. This esteemed brand boasts an extensive array of Etta Says Crunchy treats, from irresistibly tasty Duck Jerky sticks to single-source proteins like Lamb Liver. Whether you seek specialty dog chews and dog treats, dog training aids, convenient on-the-go snacks, liver sprinkles, baked delights, or yums, Etta Says has the treat to suit every need. 

At KwikPets, explore the wide range of Etta Says pet products, including dog treats and tasty chews, along with top-brand dog supplies and cat products. Being a premier online pet store, we bring in branded pet care products at unbeatable prices. We shelf an array of Etta Says crunchy chew treats and delectables designed not only to engage your furry friends but also to promote their health. From meat-based chews to munch meter chews, specialty chews, and mega chews, we have them all in stock and ready to bring joy and wellness to your beloved pets, ensuring both their happiness and vitality.

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