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Marine PURE contains millions of beneficial living marine bacteria and bio cube filters that will live on aquarium surfaces and help to break down the ammonia and nitrite that are created by bio cube filter cartridges and excess food. Enzymes will also help break down organic sludge that often causes poor water clarity. It can be used for aquarium start-up and as a weekly water routine to help reduce aquarium cleaning and maintenance. Marine PURE is easy to dose by  Coralife Biocube Pump and is a time-release ball, so it cannot overdose. For aquariums at start-up, add two Marine PURE balls per 30 gallons and under of water.

This product is designed to help support a healthy saltwater aquarium and maintain clear water. Some of the ways it does this include reducing ammonia and nitrite levels, as well as aiding in the start-up of an aquarium. It is easy to dose and cannot be overdosed. You should add one ball per 30 gallons. If the betta beads shrink prematurely, this is a quick indicator that the water hardness is not optimal for your betta. In this case, we recommend changing the water with soft (deionized or specially filtered) betta waters.

The Coralife aquarium chiller is easy to install and maintain, with a reusable air filter. The air filter is accessible and can be removed for cleaning. It has a titanium heat exchanger, which increases durability. It is suitable for up to a 55-gallon capacity, making it an excellent chiller for a small saltwater tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BioCube Size 16 Aquariums should hold no more than 10 fish with an average length of 1 inch, and the BioCube Size 32 Aquariums should hold no more than 20 fish with an average length of 1 inch. You can include a range of invertebrates in your BioCube. They include invertebrates that can move, such as crayfish, snails, and shrimp.
Open the bag containing the BioCube Filter Cartridge and rinse it in your sink with tap water. Place the cartridge on top of the media rack in the middle chamber. The BioCube Filter Cartridge should be replaced monthly.
Typically, 12-inch aluminum tubes are used to construct Biocubes, but if you don't have any, no worries.
Modern hood with vivid LED lighting that is sleek > Daytime LEDs that are bright white > Bright blue Moon Glows at night > LEDs that enhance color for optimum beauty.
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