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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Cats

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Cats have always been mysterious and fascinating in their way. The dog person and cat person debate will go on forever, but we at Kwik Pets love all of your pets! However, today let us look at the top ten fascinating facts about Cats.

1. Cats spend around 30-50% of their day grooming themselves. If you are someone who feels like they do not do enough skincare, your cat is not going to make you feel better!

2. Your cat has catnip receptors on her nose. Catnip contains a chemical called nepetalactone which is what your cat can detect with the receptors in its mouth and nose. This can lead to them behaving in an odd way where they might shake their head or roll around on the ground.

3. Cats went to space! Do you believe it? On October 18, 1963, French scientists used a rocket to launch cats into space. The name of the feline is Félicette. Don’t worry they landed on their feet safely.

4. Do you have a sweet tooth and wonder why your cat does not? It has been observed that cats cannot detect sweetness and are not drawn to it.

5. Cats can be allergic to humans. Yes, that is true. While you might be worried about your friends or family being allergic to your cat, chances are they might also be allergic to you or them. 1 in 200 cats tends to have asthma and are considered to be rising each day, especially in the case of indoor pets.

6. It is a common myth across many cultures that black cats are bad luck. But in Great Britain and Japan, these black cats are considered good luck. In the English Midlands, new brides are also given these black cats as a form of blessing. In Japan, it is believed that black cats are good for single women. We do not know about good or bad luck, all we know is all cats have our hearts!

7. Apart from grooming, if you might have noticed, cats spend a lot of time sleeping. It has been found that cats tend to spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping.

8. Cats tend to have a dominating paw! Research has found that you can guess their dominant paw based on their gender.

9. If you are wondering why your parents won’t tiptoe around you when you are sleeping, you might be fascinated to know that cats tiptoe naturally. They walk on their toes by nature and this is what also helps them in pouncing when required.

10. Your cat might be better at hearing than your dog. Cats are extremely sensitive to sounds. How? The triangular part of their ear allows them to create a funnel which then grabs the sound from the air and pulls it inwards. They can hear incredibly low and high frequencies. 

These are some fun facts about cats.

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