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7 Cat Breeds That Are Fit For An Apartment

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Having a pet living in an apartment can be confusing. A lot of people are hesitant to get cats when they have apartments. However, we will look at 7 cat breeds that might be perfect when you are living in an apartment and are looking for a wonderful pet.

Birman: Birmans is an affectionate lap cat and does not take up much space. They are also very calm. They are playful cats and also like to chase other pets. If you have other pets, they will gel well with them. The height of a Birman ranges from 8-10 inches and the weight can vary from 8-10 pounds. They have a silky coat and a round face with beautiful blue eyes. They have moderate grooming needs and tend not to mat. They also attach themselves to the owners and it can be fun to cuddle with them!

American Shorthair: American shorthair cats are the pedigree version of a domestic shorthair. They are easygoing in nature. They would like to spend time with you but at the same time, they also can entertain themselves on their own. They are short and have dense coats. Their height is 8-10 inches and they weigh around 10-15 pounds. They have a moderate tendency to shed and make up for good companion cats. It will attach itself to all the members of the family.

Burmese: If you are looking for a sweet, loving, and cuddly cat- the Burmese might be what you need. Unlike many cats, Burmese cats are social and enjoy the company. They have a heavy coat and are built in a more muscular manner. Their height goes to around 10-16 inches and weighs approximately 10 to 25 pounds. They have low grooming needs and the number of years they live ranges from 9-13 years.

British Shorthair: Apartments need adoptable cats. The British shorthair cats thrive in an environment that is small as well, it is a quality required in an apartment cat. They can have energy outbursts where they love playing around. They have a well-balanced body and have round eyes. Their height could range from 12 to 14 inches. They weigh around 7-17 pounds. They are tolerant and can make perfect family pets!

Persian: Persian cats radiate queen energy, we all can agree. Persian cats have long coats and large round eyes. They are quite short and their height ranges from 8-10 inches long. As their aura suggests they love just being relaxed and at rest. They are not cats who will jump around or enjoy jumping around. They are okay with spending time with themselves. 

Exotic: If you have an inclination towards the Persian cat but are also inclined towards cats who are slightly more active than them, the exotic cats have shorter hairs and are calm and affectionate. They also like sitting around the couch for the most part but at the same time, they like activity to a moderate level. They grow up to 10-12 inches and weigh 10-12 pounds. 

Ragdoll: A friendly lap cat could be none other than a Ragdoll. They have moderate levels of energy but can easily adapt to different environments. They are bonded with the owners and like some amount of daily playing. They grow up to 9 to 11 inches in height and weigh about 8 to 20 pounds. They have a semi-long-haired coat. They tend to relax.

You will have to get cat food, cat toys and other supplies for each type of cat accordingly.  These are the seven types of cats that can comfortably fit in an apartment and provide you with all the company you need! 

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