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How To Calm An Anxious Dog?

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Anxiety can be a common problem with dogs. It could be a result of a very stimulating environment or even separation anxiety. Their coping mechanism could be a result of them chewing and biting everything that they see insight. It is possible that the dog can also result in anxiety which might not be as visible. If you observe your dog closely and experience anxiety regularly, this is the only article that you might need! 

So let us understand, how to calm your dog when they are feeling anxious?

Exercising: Just like exercising can work well for humans with anxiety, they work very well with dogs as well. Anxiety can be reduced with the help of exercising. You can also use dog toys to make exercising fun. You can also develop a bond with your dog when exercising. It can facilitate the production of endorphins in their bodies as well. Make use of the best dog training devices and cheap dog toys to make exercises more fun.

Physical contact or even cuddling: Not all dogs love cuddling however physical contact can be very beneficial when they are anxious. You can nip your dog in the bud and make them feel less anxious. You can cuddle with them, watch a movie and just give them your physical presence. 

Music therapy: As we have mentioned in another article of ours related to pet music as well, music can be therapeutic for your dog especially when they feel anxious. You can play music whether you notice your dog getting anxious in a car or even at home. Travelling can also be anxiety-inducing for your dog, music can help them there as well. 

Calming coats: What are calming coats? These calming coats can also apply pressure to the torso of your dog. There are many types of calming coats and vests. This is mostly used for dogs that might have anxiety that is induced by travel, separation, or even noise. 

Time-out and building a safe space: Whenever your dog is experiencing anxiety, it can be a good idea to have a safe space for them and give them a time-out to be by themselves when they are experiencing such anxiety. It can be especially beneficial when there might be parties or guests at your house and your dog experiences such anxiety. 

Massaging: Massaging can be very beneficial for anxiety. Anxiety can make your muscles tensed and massaging can reduce their tension. You can massage them from the neck. If you observe closely, it is possible that eventually, you can observe where the stress is being stored in their bed.

Removing triggers: An important aspect of dealing with a dog that has anxiety is to first identify what is triggering your dog? For this, you will have to observe the dog and understand its triggers. Your dog might have an underlying condition due to which they experience anxiety. Make sure that you have checked it with your veterinarian.

Other options: It is important to understand that your dog can also make use of medications for anxiety. This is used only when the dog has a serious anxiety issue. There can be events such as a thunderstorm or bursting of firecrackers which can especially trigger their anxiety particularly. Medicines can be given during this time. 

These are some of the ways an anxious dog can be calmed down. It is important to take care of their mental health as well as physical health. Focus on their daily health and make sure that you are around them.

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