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Pet music: Why Do You Need to Know About It?

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Have you ever had days when all you want to do is go home, sit on your couch, cuddle with your dog and listen to good music? Music and dogs are just the right recipes to make a bad day the perfect one. However, have you ever thought that maybe listening to music could be the right thing for your dog as well?


There have been several types of research done to find that music can prove to be as therapeutic to your dogs as it can be to you. However, the common mistake that people make is to assume that their dog probably likes the songs they do. The best dog food and good music can be the perfect combination! Have you ever shared your playlists with your friends and heard notes of disappointment, your dog cannot express that. 


There are tunes called the species-specific issues. These tunes have specific tones and pitches that they might like and affect them specifically. It has been observed in most of the categories of the music humans listen to and can be unrecognizable for them. Their pitches and tones surpass the human capacity to listen. However, when it comes to a dog, the story is completely different. There are various breeds when it comes to dogs and their preferences may differ. On a general note, it has been observed that there are many breeds of dogs that display relaxation when they hear classic human music. 


Soothing music can help your dog in many ways.


  • Soothing and healing: As for humans, even for pets music can prove to be soothing. It has been observed that anxiety is common in dogs. Dogs even tend to experience separation anxiety more as compared to cats. 


Soothing music can regulate their anxiety and regulate their breathing as well. There can be fears of thunder, loud noises, or even meeting new people. An overly stimulated environment could also increase their anxiety. Even when you are traveling with your dog, the new environment may be causing them anxiety. This could be reduced with the help of music. 


  • Health-related issues: If your dog has certain health-related problems such as chronic pain-related issues music could help in easing their pain. It might also over time reduce the amount of medication your dog might need when listening to therapeutic music for a long period of time. This can especially be helpful for dogs that might be older, and face various health-related problems. Music can even motivate them to be more active and result in helping them to play around if you notice them becoming increasingly sluggish. 


An experiment that was done measured the heart rates and the behavior was observed in dogs where one group had listened to classical music in their kennels and the other had not. It has been shown to affect their heart rates as well. 


There are channels on YouTube that have pet-friendly music. While it has been observed that pets respond to species-specific more accurately as compared to human music, you can observe how your pet reacts to different kinds of music and then decide what kind of music your dog likes. This could also turn into a fun bonding session for you and your furry friend. There are pet parents who train their dogs using the same music, adding an interesting twist to the whole concept of training. The next time you come home to listen to music, cuddling with your dog? Make sure it's the music both of you can relax with.

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