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How to Decorate Your Fish Aquarium

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When you have an aquarium at home, it is important to understand that there are several aspects that one has to take into consideration. Let us talk about décor. Decorating an aquarium might seem only for aesthetic or beauty purposes. But that might not be the case.

Think of it this way, the fishes can live without the decorations, however, because they are supposed to live in that environment they should do with the decoration. It does benefit the fishes as well, apart from serving the aesthetic needs. 

So what functional purpose does a fish tank aquarium serve? One of the major benefits that decorations in a fish tank provide is that it gives the fishes a hiding place. These hiding places could be there because of rocks or even caves. The fishes are required to hide so that they can have a place to cool off if they ever feel sad. You might have a good number of fishes if you have a larger tank. Not having a place to go and hide can also impact their mental health negatively.

Choosing the right aquarium fish tank decorations:

  • Cave: The most important aspect of decorating your fish tank is to make sure that the cave is well-made. The number of caves that you are required to provide will depend on the number of fishes. One fish will claim the cave as its own, not all fishes however will fit into one cave. If you have a good number of fishes, you will need a few caves. The size of the cave also matters. It need not be too big but the fish should fit.  
  • If you have a small aquarium, having only the cave can be good enough. However, if your tank is larger you can also incorporate other decorations. These decorations could include smaller figures, plantations, etc.  
  • When we talk about decoration, an important aspect to consider is the substrate. You can opt for a sandy bottom, smaller gravel, or even a larger one. The type of fish you have might have some influence on the substrate you need to buy.  
  • Another quite popular decoration is plantations. Some people like real plants and others prefer fake plants. Many people prefer using fake plants because they just look more aesthetically pleasing. However, having a real plant has its benefits. Real plants can help in reducing the nitrogen that is present in using the fish’s waste products. Plants take in CO2 and give out O2. If CO2 is getting built up in your fish tank, it can be harmful. Fake plants can also be beneficial because they are much more convenient to maintain and do not die.

How to aquarium fish tank decorations

Whether or not you choose to have multiple items in the aquarium or you do, you will have to regularly clean it. You can use scrub brushes that have bristles to clean these decorations. Various cleaning supplies are available in the market for the same. You can scrub off the algae from your decorations first and then change the water. After this, you can clean the substrate.  

When you have an aquarium, it is always fun to decorate but at the same time, it also adds value to the lives of your fishes. Make sure you are responsible for it! 

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