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Easy to Make DIY Dog Toys at Home

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If you are a furry pet parent, you might know that no amount of dog toys can be enough. You will require more than one puppy teething toy for your dog’s chewing stage. When a puppy has incoming teeth, they tend to chew on these toys to get some relief from the pain that they might be experiencing because of the incoming toy.

However, even an adult dog cannot have enough dog toys. It can become expensive to buy beyond a certain number, so here are five DIY dog toys and that you can make at home. 

  • Homemade squeaky dog toy
  • Dogs can tend to love ripping the toys apart no matter how cute they are, for these dogs the squeaky dog might be the perfect toy. You will need any kind of fabric, preferably use an old t-shirt that smells like you. You can buy some stuffy and a squeaker online and are all set to go. 

    Cut two shapes resembling a bone from the old T-shirt and sew these two from the edges together. You have to leave a tiny opening to be able to fill in the stuffing and insert the speaker. Turn it inside out, insert the stuffing and speaker and then sew the opening close after turning it again. Your DIY squeaky dog toy is ready!

  • An interactive dog feeder toy
  • Eating food but having a little play-time while doing it can always be fun. For your furry child, interactive dog feeders are important as well. They help in engaging their brain and also make them happy. You can take a PVC pipe and create pooches inside it to keep food.

    You can drill these holes and ensure that they have safe edges. Make sure to sand the rough edges. Clean the pipe thoroughly before using it. 

  • Rope ball toy
  • If you are looking for cheap dog toys, you need to keep in mind that you will always need more rope ball toys. It is very easy to make these rope ball toys that you can take on walks in the garden. First of all, you will need a rope which has a diameter of about 3-4 inches.  

    Take a lacrosse ball and also buy the electrical tape. 

    Unwind the rope for 10-15 inches and then tape it. Make knots using the rope and should look like a braid. With the help of pliers, you can pull the strands and ensure that they stay intact. You will have to cover the lacrosse ball as well, the toy will then be ready.

  • The socktopus toy
  • If you are a pet parent you might have lost many socks around the house, only to find your dog nibbling on it under the dinner table. A socktopus is a good use of the colorful socks that you wore once. 

    Take one colorful sock that will be seen from the outside and fill it with other socks. Make an octopus head at the top, you can also use ribbons to make it more precise. You can also use these ribbons to make more legs of your socktopus. It is a quick and cute toy for your toy, made entirely at home.

  • No-sew, heart-shaped toy
  • Who does not love a good heart-shaped soft toy that also looks pretty? You can make a no-sew heart-shaped toy quite easily. Draw a heart on fleece as soft as you would like to be. You should leave space of about 2 inches if you do not want to sew the space. You can also sew the sides after cutting out the heart from the fleece. 

    Make sure you do not make this toy for your dog if they tend to tear it apart. It is not suggested.

  • Tennis ball puzzle
  • You might be slightly puzzled with the name (haha, see what I did there?) but the name exactly defines the next DIY toy option for your dog. Take a muffin tin, this way you also get to eat muffins so it is a win-win. Wash it and place tennis balls in each section.

    Hide treats for your dog, under these balls. This way they can solve the puzzle and also get rewarded for the same. Games such as these are excellent for stimulating your dog mentally and are fun as well.

  • The tease pole your dog needs
  • Another DIY toy that we are going to make is one of the Best dog toys for chewers as well as adult toys. Because you are making it at home, you can tweak it based on the needs of your dog. Take a chew toy and tie it with a threat to a PVC pipe. Make sure to sand the edges as well. 

    You can change the length of the thread and then play around with this tease pole with your dog in a garden. It can help them with developing physically as well.

    These are the 7 DIY dog toys you can build at home if you want to save some money or even just give a gift from your side to your furry child. 

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