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5 Instagram Pose tips for your pets

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Social media has changed the number of photos that people take of their pets. Not just the number of photos but also some pets are influencers! If you are a pet owner and your dog has an Instagram? I can assure you people come to your page several times a day to feel good! These are 5 Instagram pose tips you can keep in mind when taking pictures of your pet.

Keep treats handy: If you are trying to take a picture or make a video of your dog, make sure you have enough dog chew and treats. If you are lucky you can get done with the task quite quickly, however, if it's going to take time your dog might not want to cooperate. When this happens, you can make use of their favorite treats. But if you notice your dog is not in a mood to be a part of photoshoots, it is best to try another time.

Getting them familiar with props: When you are doing photoshoots with your pet, you might be using props. Whether it is a collaboration or not, whichever props you are using it is possible that the dog might not be comfortable with it. Before proceeding with the shoot make sure your dog is comfortable with the prop. Make them familiar. 

Location: Because there are a lot of new objects and activities your pet will have to encounter it is possible that they might feel anxious because of it. A good idea is to make sure that the location you choose is familiar, this will help in simplifying the process for your dog. Being in a completely alien environment with objects that do not make sense to them, having a familiar location can help.

Networking with other pet accounts: An important thing to do is, to network. When you have a pet account, it is a very good idea to be in touch and create content with other pets. Not only will this result in your account doing well but at the time, it will also result in your pet having new friends and can help in socializing.

Poses: Posting content on social media only of your pet, is not enough. You have to engage with the audience as an owner as well. A good way to do this is by posting pictures with your pet. There are a few poses you can try. 

A car ride pose is a pose where you take a picture of your dog in your car. You could either be sitting next to each other, or peep through the front and the back window. Include bubbles, a popular method to take pictures with your pet is to include bubbles. This can help in taking candid but also cute pictures. Over the shoulder is another cute pose for the owner to do with their pet. Hold your pet like a baby and make sure the photo is taken from your backside. Only the pet’s face will be shown!

Hope these tips help you to up the game of your pet’s social media game. To us, your furry child is a star even if they do not have thousands of followers!

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