Coastal Pet Safari Dog Undercoat Rakes

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Product Summary: Safari Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake Designed For Breeds With Thick, Heavy Coats And With Undercoats, The Precision Tapered Pins Of This Rake Penetrate Deep Into Your Dog's Coat To Remove Loose Undercoat. Helps Prevent Matting When Used Regularly. Apply Minimal Pressure When Using This Tool. Features: . Designed For Thick And Heavy Coats . Removes Loose Undercoat . Prevents Matting Size: 6" Long Handle 4" Brush Bar 3/4" Rubber Pins.

Key Benefits

  • Quality Dog Grooming Tools Keep Your Pet's Coat Looking Gorgeous.
  • Ergonomic Designs Feature Non-slip Grip And Curved Handle For User Comfort.
  • Remove Mats, Tangles, Loose Hair And Undercoat Easily And Pets Love The Attention.
  • Beautiful And Shiny While Also Providing Comfortable.
  • Designed For Breeds With Medium Undercoats.

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