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How To Train Your Bird To Let You Pet

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Birds make up for great pets. They bring a charm and fun element to the house, they are loyal and are also extremely intelligent. However, some pets are comfortable with cuddling and petting while others are not. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning to let your bird to allow you to pet them.

Learning your bird’s cue: This means that you need to observe the way your bird behaves. You need to notice if they have a stiff posture towards you or an inviting posture? This can help you identify what is the comfort level of your pet. If your bird tends to bite or turn stiff from you, chances are, when you might attempt to stroke them, they will treat it as a threat. If your bird already likes being pet they might turn their head in your direction for you to stroke it.

Training time: If your pet shows resistance and you want to train it to be more comfortable, make sure that the time you choose is such that your bird is calm. This could be after your bird has eaten or when they are about to sleep in a few hours. Do not try to force petting anytime, it might prove to be harmful for you.

Talk to the bird: Before your bird is comfortable with you petting it, make sure the bird is comfortable with your presence. Soft speech can be a really good way for you to bond with your bird in a manner that feels warm and soothing to them. Loud noise could threaten the bird. Talking to them can help them become more comfortable in your presence. 

Beak first: In order to make your bird let you pet, make sure your entire hand is in front of the pet. Now, try to gently touch the beak first. Make sure that you do not poke the bird anywhere. Make sure the bird also lets you touch their beak. Once you touch the beak, you can slowly touch their skin if the bird allows.

Treats: Food can be a really good way to bond with your birds. Feed them with their favourite bird food and treats. The food and treats will make them feel like you are their friend and might feel more warm towards you. But, do not feed the bird a lot of unhealthy treats, it can result in damaging the health of your bird. Do not overfeed them.

Socializing and playing with your bird: Most of the birds are social in nature and it might not be a good idea to expect your bird to be comfortable with petting before giving them the chance to socialise. Interact with them on a regular basis. Alos, make your house a fun place, you can also train birds using the best bird toys to perform some tricks. This will help in creating a deeper bond.

Being patient: While many birds can get comfortable and allow you to pet after sometime it is possible that they might take more time than usual. Do not hurry or force them. If after trying everything they are still uncomfortable, let them be. Maybe, they just are not cuddly.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you have birds that you would like to pet. It is very important to be slow and cautious otherwise it can mess up the relationship you have with them.

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