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Herm Sprenger ClicLock Buckle - Easily Apply & Remove Your Pinch Collar

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Herm Sprenger has a fantastic option if you're sick of the ongoing leash and pulling troubles. This curogan prong collar might be a helpful ally in your important dog training project! Many studies, testing, and thousands of owners worldwide have already demonstrated the effectiveness of prong collars! What is left for you as a dog parent is to choose the best collar on the market!

The components of this pinch collar include a central plate, a D-ring, a click-lock buckle, and symmetrically positioned prongs. A herm sprenger quick-release prong collar with consistent pressure distribution along the collar is ensured by the central plate. The herm sprenger 2.25 collar and leash can be connected using the D-ring. A more secure connection is provided by the click-lock buckle. It is resistant to unintentional unlocking and capable of supporting loads of up to 440 lbs (200 kg). Sharp, meticulously polished herm sprenger collar prongs that are blunt would gently pinch your dog's skin in order to discipline him while inflicting no harm.

Each Herm Sprenger pinch collar has a set length that may be changed to fit the dog's neck by removing or adding collar links. This particular pinch collar measures 23 3/5 inches (60 cm) in length, with 1/6 inch-diameter prongs (4 mm). Hence, it will fit dogs with neck sizes up to 21 inches (53 cm). You can get more links if your dog's neck diameter is greater than 21 inches (53 cm). Each will lengthen the collar by 2 inches (5 cm). To find out more about additional links for this prong collar, click on the "YOU MAY ALSO WANT" tab.

Product Features:

  • Neck-Tech links can be removed or added to change the size.
  • Gently corrects yanking, pulling, and other improper training practices
  • Evenly distributes pressure over the whole circumference of the neck
  • To prevent injury to your dog, the prongs are dull and properly polished.
  • Enables prompt behavioral modification for your dog
  • The buckle's slider prevents the push button from being accidentally released.
  • Has a less obvious appearance than a traditional pinch collar.
  • Components made of stainless steel are resistant to corrosion and simple to clean and maintain.

Hern Sprenger Advantages

Great evaluations have been given to Herm Sprenger's new patent-pending Neck-Tech Sport Stainless Steel Collar with ClickLock Buckle, and since our clients have requested it, it is now available. Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech collars are totally adjustable, exactly like the majority of pinch collars. You may effortlessly train through your dog's growth without having to purchase a larger size by removing or adding Neck-Tech connections.

The NeckTech sport collar is a wonderful collar for all training scenarios and environments since it has stainless steel links and a ClickLock buckle. It will serve your dog for many years with no corrosion symptoms because of its seawater resistance and rust-proof features. High-quality UV-resistant and salt-water-proof plastic components are used to construct the slider section of the ClickLock buckle, which safeguards the push button against accidental release and offers long-lasting durability.

For your convenience, we offer this adjustable collar in two different lengths: 19" (for a 17" neck) and 24" (for a 22" neck). These can be adjusted for neck sizes as small as 12, however "for dogs weighing up to 143 pounds. The extra links for the Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Sport Collar are offered for sale separately in sets of two. Each link raises the total by around 1.25 "to the length of the collar overall.


Prong collars made by Herm Sprenger have long been regarded as the industry standard. These collars are produced from premium stainless steel in Germany and are designed to last a lifetime. Instead of a martingale chain, Click Lock collars are finished with a safe buckle for simple on and off.

Prong collars can have their length changed by adding or removing collar links. Separate links are available for purchase.

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