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Cat Litter Mats To Keep Litter From Getting Everywhere

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Nobody who owns a cat wants to step into the sand-filled mess that cats leave behind after using the cat toilet. The kicked-up litter can be contained using the best litter mats. The majority of litter mats are acceptable, and a few are great, but none of them can keep every single tiny grain of litter from making its way to your floors. We determined that the best cat litter mats prevent the messiest litter dispersal while also being comfortable for cats to tread on after testing 19 litter mats with dozens of cats.

Everyone who has ever owned a cat will attest to the fact that litter almost never stays in the best kitty litter mats. Its footprints are all over the house. Our cats practically seem to take pawfuls of litter and toss them out into the floor amusingly after using the toilet. One of our beloved cats cheerfully kicked every grain out of the box, and we watched in awe! I know we are not the only one that has this problem.

Changes can be made to lessen tracking, but they won't be effective if they upset the cat and cause her to quit using the toilet. That is exchanging one issue for one that is more serious. The litter tracking methods that are most effective for you and your furry friends should be chosen because every home is unique. We have the best kitty litter which will help you to guide.

Pioneer Pet Smart Cat Ultimate Litter Mat

Because it makes cleanup so simple, the Pioneer Pet Smart Cat Ultimate Litter Mat is a favorite among many people. Litter is gathered by the textured honeycomb top layer through the holes and is trapped on the firm rubber bottom. Simply place it over the litter box and press down on the sides to separate the layers to empty it. The trash will simply slide out. Both layers are completely waterproof, ensuring that no liquid spills will make it to the floor. You can clean the entire system with soap and water or your preferred enzyme cleaner.

Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Litter Mat Grey Medium

This waterproof kitty litter pad collects and contains litter scatter and is made of FDA-grade silicone. Cats can walk comfortably on the soft ridged surface, and the raised outer lip helps keep litter on the mat. You can quickly vacuum up gathered litter or simply pour it back into the box or trash pail. Place the litter box directly on top of it or lay it down so that its butts are against the litter box outlet. In either case, your cat's paws will be gently cleaned after using our silicone litter pad.

Petmate Flexible Cat Litter Mat Assorted One Size

To be quite honest, one of the reasons we adore this litter mat is the abundance of vivid, bright colors available to match your interior design. But this litter mat, which is shaped like a rug, is also useful. With a floral motif and a robust, textured PVC construction to help wipe paws clean. The thin plastic substance is simple to shake off, vacuum, or clean up with soap and water.

Design for capturing litter is effective with various kinds of litter.

No-slip mat made of BPA-free material will remain in place whether your cat steps carefully or leaps out of the box.

Petmate Corner Cat Litter Mat Gray One Size

Searching for a large litter box for your large cat or cats? This Gorilla Grip double-sized mat is large enough to span two litter boxes placed side by side or to encircle one to act as a litter island. Litter and other debris don't move around on the floor thanks to the mat's non-slip backing; instead, they stay placed exactly where your cat's feet land.

  • The design incorporates mesh and deep grooves to collect litter.
  • Warm, cozy material is kind to delicate paws.
  • Shake off, vacuum, or bathe in water to clean up.
  • dimensions are 47 inches by 35 inches.


If you can, put the litter box far from your bedroom or other common areas of the house, but in a convenient spot for your cat. This will assist in keeping trash off the couch and out of your bed. For easier cleanup, place it in a space without carpet.

Moreover, keeping up with the daily litter strewn in the area immediately surrounding the box aids in preventing it from spreading. For quick and simple cleanup, keep a broom and dustpan, a handheld vacuum, or even a manual roller vacuum close to the litter box.

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