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6 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog/Cat.

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Scrolling through Instagram, cute dogs and cats make our dog. It must for you too. If you are planning to get a dog or a cat, you might either be considering buying it or adopting it. Adopting a dog or cat as it is already established is a very good idea. Shelter houses have many dogs which are abandoned due to various reasons, waiting to be adopted. However, there are several things you need to consider before you adopt a dog or a cat.

Reason: The first and the most important thing you should know is, why are you adopting? While it is a given that you might want a dog or a cat to get companionship or maybe you just love pets, it is important to set realistic expectations, especially when adopting. Even as parents, you must not adopt pets just to teach your child. You have to be there for them emotionally, physically, and financially and be ready in case they are not able to provide what you might be looking for. 

Finances: Apart from the emotional transaction that will take place between you and your pet, finance is a factor that many pet parents fail to consider. Whether you get a dog or a cat you will have to buy various supplies for them such as litter boxes, food, toys, and other items. This will cost money, regularly. Your pet is not a one-time investment. 

Are you away a lot: If you are someone who travels regularly and has a very erratic schedule, make sure that you have someone to take care of your pet when you are away. You might take your pets with you on travels occasionally, however, you cannot take them on a regular basis or leave them by themselves.

Allergies: If you are planning to surprise your family or your parents by gifting them a pet you adopted? You might want to rethink that idea. It is often seen that even after adopting an abandoned pet, some people do not think it through. This results in them abandoning their pet again. Instead of making an animal go through this, be sure about issues such as allergies as well. Get your family members tested so you are aware in advance.

Patience to train: It has been observed that some pet parents abandon their pets if they notice they are not that well-mannered after adopting. Regardless of age, the dog or the cat you adopt may require training. You have to be patient with them and train them responsibly. If you feel like you can't train them and give months to them, do not go for adoption.

Space and location: Before welcoming your wonderful adopted pet in your new home it is important to make sure that the space you are making for them is adequate. Pets require the space to move around, especially for dogs who need their playtime. You can get interesting toys and training devices to make sure that you can make the most of their playtime as well. 

If there is adequate space, also make sure that your building, society, or apartment allows pets. If you are planning to move soon, check it with your new location in advance. 

Adopting a pet is a very generous thing to do and responsible at the same time. If you are adopting a dog or a cat with certain disabilities please be thorough about everything that you might need to know. 

Getting a pet brings in lots of love and cuddles but it is also an equally responsible job, make sure you are ready for it! 

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