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A Complete Guide to Thanksgiving Food That Is Safe for Dogs

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Thanksgiving is an excellent time to show gratitude, love, and affection to your friends and family. But we should not leave out our furry friends out of celebration. Pets fill our lives with love and happiness. There are many ways to include them in the Thanksgiving festival. One of the most amazing ways is by giving them good festive food. 

As a loving pet, parents will brief you on proper healthy dog food on Thanksgiving, which is unhealthy for dogs, and give some great feeding tips. Ensure that your pets are part of your celebration and enjoy these festive times with your loved furry babies.

Safe Thanksgiving Dog Food 

Many fantastic Thanksgiving foods are highly safe for dogs and tasty to make your pets ecstatic. 

1. Turkey

Yes, turkey is the safest and ideal choice for Thanksgiving as an organic dog food. But make sure to opt for the boneless turkey, as it is important to remove the bones for health reasons. Also, take out the turkey's skin for better health benefits to dogs. Removing the excess fat from the skin and other parts of the turkey helps greatly; otherwise, it will cause problems in the dog's pancreas. Avoid using any seasoning, like onion, garlic, and others. It is best to give the dogs turkey, keep it safe and healthy, and let them enjoy this good Thanksgiving food. 

2. Pumpkin

Let's be real. Pumpkin is an important ingredient in Thanksgiving dinner food for our furry friends and us. Apart from being tasty, there are many other health benefits of Pumpkin dessert food or dog food products, including Pumpkin as the main ingredient. It is an excellent source of fiber and vitamins and helps aid indigestion. 

Skip the Pumpkin desserts such as pumpkin pie filling or any other sweet dish. These dishes contain a lot of sugars or spices, which can be heavily effective for dogs. So ensure that you give the dogs the pumpkin dish, which is healthy and beneficial, not unhealthy.

3. Sweet Potatoes 

When it comes to Thanksgiving food, Sweet Potatoes is an essential ingredient to give the dogs. This is Thanksgiving-safe and a favorite food option for all the dogs. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and vitamins and are an extra healthy addition to the dog's meal. Avoid using overly sweet ingredients like sugar and marshmallow in sweet potato dishes. Serve the best food for dog, which is healthy and tasty, made with Sweet potato to your furry friends.

4. Green Beans

Fresh and plain cooked green beans are a healthy snack for dogs. In the midst of Thanksgiving's overwhelming food dishes, giving them Plain cooked green peas is considered healthy dog food. It contains vitamin K and Vitamin C, which is healthy for dogs. Give them appropriate measures for giving a good Thanksgiving food balance. 

5. Carrots 

Carrots are one of the best and ideal Thanksgiving snacks. It is healthy and tasty for dogs. The Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin B6, potassium, beta carotene, and Vitamin A. Carrot dishes are an important part of building the immune system and dog vision this Thanksgiving. Give the dogs healthy and organic dog food with carrots for a Thanksgiving snack. 

6. Cranberries 

Fresh Cranberries are the tastiest food for dogs at Thanksgiving times. It has some health benefits as it is high in antioxidants and can support your dog's urinary tract health. 

However, this food ingredient contains a high amount of sugar. Giving them dishes with cranberries in moderation is important for the dogs' well-being and health. The other option is to provide them with dog food products with cranberries so the dogs can enjoy the taste and get healthy food during the Thanksgiving festive season. 

7. Apples

Every festival has a signature food ingredient marked as excellent for that particular festival. For Thanksgiving, one such ingredient is apple. Yes, apple pie, desserts, and more are famous during the Thanksgiving festivities. Side note: you can also give this food ingredient to your pets in ready-made products. 

Give them plain, sliced apples, as they are the best food for dogs and a good source of fiber and vitamins. Remove the seeds from the apples as they contain cyanide, including compounds, and should be removed before feeding them to your dogs.

Dog Foods to Avoid During Thanksgiving

Certain Thanksgiving dog foods can cause harm to dogs and lead to health problems. 

  1. Onions and Garlic: Compounds found in onions and garlic can harm a dog's red blood cells and result in anemia.
  2. Grapes and Raisins: Dogs that consume even tiny amounts of grapes or raisins may develop renal failure.
  3. Chocolate: Chocolate is a frequent ingredient in desserts but can be deadly and toxic to dogs.
  4. Dough and Bread: Uncooked dough may cause bloating and discomfort in a dog's stomach by expanding.
  5. Bones: Cooked bones have the potential to splinter and result in severe internal injuries or obstructions.

Feeding Tips for Dog

There are some things that we need to keep in mind before Thanksgiving food to our pets.

  1. Moderation is Key: Give them food in small portions and avoid upsetting your dog's stomachs by feeding them too much.
  2. Avoid Seasoning: Give them plain and free food from spices like sugar, salt, or other herbs. 
  3. Watch for Allergies: Monitor if your dogs have any allergic signs or reactions of discomfort by any food. 
  4. Consult Your Vet: If you have concerns about what food is safe for dogs or anything related to Thanksgiving. 

To Sum Up 

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones, including your furry companions, in the festivities can bring extra joy. With mindful choices of healthy dog food and a bit of precaution, you can share the holiday spirit and some safe, tasty treats with your four-legged friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beloved pets!

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